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Think Machine / Driving Underwater - The Showdown of the Century

It's finally here! The fight you've all been waiting for. In one corner we have Think Machine - Delaware math emocore with a feisty attitude, while in the other corner, waiting to wrestle is Driving Underwater - New Jersey whatevercore! Who will win? Judging from the quality of both bands, it's us, the spectators, bc we get to enjoy an absolutely stacked split of each band covering the other. Available now on tape, with a limited edition reversible j-card! Get yours now, before they sell out!

Think Machine side recorded By Think Machine at Impetus House and 205 Records, mixed by Nate. Think Machine is Nate Lamborn on guitar, bass and vocals and Evan Kipp on drums and vocals.

Driving Underwater side record by Driving Underwater at Will's house, mixed by Elaine from Daughterboard Audio. Driving Underwater is Will McCorry on guitar and vocals, Rob Biello on bass and vocals, and G Fiordaliso on drums.
Driving Underwater also requested special thanks to Think Machine.

Both sides were mastered by Elaine Rasnake at Daughterboard Audio