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Fraxiom - Feeling Good and Normal

The second EP release from Fraxiom further cements their talent as an artist. Effortlessly weaving deranged, nonsensical lyrics with earnest confessions they present a wacky, weird, yet awfully relatable image of love. Coupled with standout production from umru, this results in a banger of an album brimming with personality. On burnout, Fraxiom shows that they aren’t afraid to embrace the cringe – an admirable part of their entire run as an art, meanwhile on This Guitar, they present a stunning pop sensibility and showcase their ability to write infectious choruses. Not to forget the other two tracks on the album, cishets and fly with ü, which to the fullest present Fraxiom’s realized personality. The amount of variety packed into the surprisingly short 10-minute EP is truly outstanding and I recommend anyone to listen to this album.