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Побег - Побег

Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, this short burst of energy from Saint Petersburg band Побег (eng. Escape) functions as both their debut and their swan song, as, sadly, it’s the only piece of music we’ll ever hear from them. Originally released on Russian DIY label Polar Summer, this EP contains everything you could possibly ask for. Starting off with the atmospheric, discordant intro on Трамвай (eng. Tram), the band quickly transitions into what they do best – loud, overdriven guitars jumping between chords typical for this style of emo, accompanied by equally loud drums, and overlayed with piercing vocals. The artful lyrics embedded within the songs bring forth an image of a lonely winter, with harder hitting lines repeated multiple times to embolden their meaning, and put together the painting of a perfect future – fittingly, the escape that just wasn’t meant to be.