setting sail 10·14·20

hey everyone, maciej here! there isn't much i have to say with this post, so let me reintroduce the idea for anyone unaware: the whole point of this project is to build some sort of sense of community through the pandemic as i make physicals of tapes i wanna listen to and, as not to waste the sheet printing 1 j-card, press more tapes to ship out to people, completely free of charge

each run will consist of 4 cassettes total, dubbed on upcycled tapes, and will be released along with a short review of the album - i will post more information about the first run soon, look out for something tuesday

the albums themselves are picked by me with no criteria whatsoever, it'll generally be albums i really like and want physicals of, but if you want anything in particular pressed, dm me on twitter or insta and i might just press it, i really just want this to be a fun little thing to take up my time

thanks so much for checking this thing out :)